2017-03-22 10:22:08 :: slowdive-mobile: Great! Thanks for testing that Cagon. Did you only have to click on the recaptcha box or did it follow up with some riddle like click all the boxes with street signs?

2017-03-22 09:35:26 :: Cagon: Posted via android view comments section. Looks like it works.

2017-03-20 12:50:55 :: slowdive-mobile: Thanks Klaus, we've tried to make the whole system flexible enough to allow builders to create stories in various custom settings, but still keep the toolset easy to is a balancing act and we are leaning as we is completely a community based project now.

2017-03-20 12:35:22 :: Soulglow: thanks slowdive, always love to hear back from you guys. also, happy to hear abou the portraits and tolkens and core races.

2017-03-19 21:44:53 :: slowdive_web: Adding more portraits and tokens is easy to do. I created a tool for importing FRUA art directly from pcx files to IBmini. Builders can add portraits and tokens to their modules either by embedding them in the module file or by asking me to include them in the default graphics available for all modules.

2017-03-19 21:42:30 :: slowdive_web: Hi Klaus, The races in each module are up to each builder to create or use existing ones. For example, The Elderin Stone has a minotaur race that players can use. I'll be adding more standard classes and races to the default starting module for builders to use. Also, the system is flexible enough to create non-fantasy settings such as modern or sc-fi like star frontiers (I remade Crash on Volturnus).

2017-03-19 18:59:56 :: Soulglow: just read the other comments. i'm klaus the google beta tester, downloaded the barquest and im really liking it. also, i'll use this comment as a chance for asking: when will we get to play as half-orc? there's some cool portraits i would like to use, but if i use them as a human or something it would just be flavor/fluff with no effect on the crunch. also, i feel like we need more portraits and tolkens, maybe some out of the SSI drangonlance gold box games, but thats just me, dunno how the other feel about it. anywa great module for a great engine.

2017-03-19 11:26:32 :: slowdive-mobile: Great job Cagon so far, I'll post on the forums more detailed bugs or toolset issues that I need to fix or document I play through the module...I'll probably do a short Let's Play later tonight after the kiddos go down.

2017-03-19 11:23:26 :: slowdive-mobile: For a first attempt at using the IBmini toolset with very minimal to non-existant documentation at this point, BarQuest is working very nicely so far.

2017-03-19 11:21:26 :: slowdive-mobile: Started playing a bit of Bar Quest on my phone. Downloaded the file from the forums, extracted the file from the zip, and placed into the IceBlinkMini/modules folder all directly from my phone :)

2017-03-18 21:24:32 :: slowdive: Yeah! I'm not a bot!

2017-03-18 21:24:15 :: slowdive: testing human vs. bot...

2017-03-18 15:39:36 :: slowdive-mobile: Yeah, I need to figure out how to hide the comment box when viewing from android to avoid confusion...our better yet, if I can figure out how to create a single dialog for reading and posting...we'll get there :)

2017-03-18 15:31:48 :: Cagon: Reading from the Android app works for me. I do get the name and message boxes in the view comments area. However my keyboard doesn't pop up to let me type. Had to exit and enter the comment the regular way.

2017-03-18 14:08:01 :: slowdive: With version 12 of the android app, the post comment works as it did before and now there is a new button under 'send comment' for 'view comments'. This will open up a webview dialog to the URL of this website.

2017-03-18 14:03:26 :: slowdive: So now we can post and read comments all from within the IBmini Android app. You can also enter or view them from this website for those builders that do not use android.

2017-03-18 14:00:49 :: from app: just added a time stamp to the front of all comments...older comments all got the stamp from when I created the new column in the db table.

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: I added the ability to view comments on the website through a webview dialog box :)

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: from android app

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive: ah-ha...success

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive: no luck so far...hard to debug web stuff

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive: starting to look into how to post messages from android app...hmm, let's see...

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive-mobile: Good morning all those who have passed the secret code :) no bots so far. I may try posting the link to here on the forums or website to see if that is how bots find us here

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive: @Cag: we are very informal so no worries

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive: @Cag: you can ask your questions on the forums in the toolset section. Just start a thread with a mention of IBmini (used for android) in the subject.

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: Cag: Where should I post toolset questions? I am only interested in android/portable stuff. All I see are the regular toolset forums.

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive: Same here. Once the kiddos go down at night, I get 1-2 hours to code and/or build :)

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: Cagon: Yes you are both awesome. Good job on the bug fixes with the last update. I meant to send some of those in but the kids and wife only give me 2 to 3 minutes of my own at one time.

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive-mobile: That is what my other self tells my other self all the time :)

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: youngneil1: Hey, Jer and slowdive! The two of you are really cool, hehe!

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive-mobile: Just testing from my phone

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive: Then I'll add the ability to post and read comments directly from within the IceBlinkMini app (both the android and PC versions)

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive: Next, I'll add a Google recaptcha to fend off bots and spam

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: Jeremy: And talking to myself to make sure this works ;-)

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive: Having fun learning a little php and mysql stuff

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: none: Thanks

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: none: This is super cool

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: Jer: Hi there!

2017-03-18 13:45:19 :: slowdive: This is my first comment