Display of NPC names and dialogue relevance

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Display of NPC names and dialogue relevance

Postby youngneil1 » Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:58 am

I wondered how NPC/Monster names are displayed on-screen:

One way would be of course to not have the names on the map at all, but only appear in the dialogue box once initiating dialogue. The draw back is though that it might be hard to tell several NPC apart when they lack identitfying names on the map. I fear that with insufficient graphical skills some NPC might look a little too similar, hehe. Having the option to display their names on the map (think over their head as written floating text) would go a long way to remedy this a little. It might either be an all time display of names or only on mouse over (perhaps a hotkey to toggle this?). If one would want to refine this even more, unknown NPCs might just have a description dispalyed ("peasant"), which would change once the player actually gets to know the name via dialogue ("Farmer John").

Additionally I would really appreciate if those names could get, at least optionally, some color code representing dialogue relevance, like perhaps:
"Red" for hostile (for NPC as well as monster names)
"Grey" for already known dialogue, i.e. the whole dialogue trees contains no new lines (all lines either already heard from that NPC or actually heard from another NPC in case of generic lines, e.g. about the weather)
"Green" for fresh dialogue (a t elast one line has not been heard yet; note: if lines cannot be heard anymore, because they e.g. were excluding alternatives they would be counetd as heard in this context)
"Gold" for fresh quest relevant dialogue (this can be dialogue concerning a new quest, solving an old quest, important hints for quests or generally dialogue the mod author wants to point the player to)

This color system would help to prevent having to repeatedly click on each and everybody ocne returning to locations (to check new dialogue options due to campaign/quest progress). Also filler ambience NPC (with no quest roles) could be used more often and freely without stealing the player's time while probing e.g. each of 200 city inhabitants for dialogue.
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