Hearkenwold (player experiences *spoilers*)

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Hearkenwold (player experiences *spoilers*)

Postby slowdive » Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:09 pm

I wanted to be able to discuss some of my thoughts and experiences without spoiling any of the adventure for those who haven't played through Hearkenwold yet. So SPOILERS ALERT. You have been warned!

First of all, wonderful job on the module Dorateen! I am having a great time playing through with my party of three (dwarven cleric, elven archer, elven wizard). I am now entering the new areas. I loved the Giant Frog hold spell and the Storm Crows and their Blast of Light. The attention to details in dialog with all the attribute, class, and race checks is wonderful. There are so many well thought out side quests (or maybe they tie into the main quest, not sure just yet) and interesting characters all about. I had fun in the tavern and even got attacked when trying to leave :lol: I love a good tavern brawl. I took out the mages early so I never got to see if they had any good spells :lol: I also enjoyed the encounter with the rowdy party back at the castle in the upstairs sleeping room. I was level three at the time and without fireball, I would have been done for. I think once the creatures have an Attack property other than "0", these will be very tough battles, look forward to that in my next play through. Soloing may not be as fun an experience with this type of module because of all the emphasis on party dialog. I may try a party of six or a party of four on my next play through. Maybe delay learning some of the powerful spells until later levels might even the playing field as well (ice storm at level 3, fireball at level 5, etc.)
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