Forum Guidelines

Forum Guidelines

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We, BreeArts, created these forums for you, our customers and community. As with any community, there are certain rules that must be in place in order to maintain a mature and fun place to visit. The rules below apply to any of the available methods of communication these forums provide, including but not limited to, posting, private messaging, e-mail and instant messaging.

In general, our guidelines are based on the fundamentals of common sense, respect and tolerance. We ask that our users not post material that is abusive, defamatory, libelous, harassing, hateful, obscene, profane, vulgar, or illicit. When posting to a file, please ensure that it is not a direct download. When posting a link, please be aware that external sites might change their content without warning, so avoid linking to sites of unknown or questionable reputation AS YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.

Advertisement: This forum is not to be used to advertise or distribute products, services or copyrighted material.

Avatars and Signatures: BreeArts allows its users to associate a graphic image, or avatar, with their account. This image is displayed in posts underneath the user's name, and may be 150x150 in size, and may not display pornographic, indecent or otherwise inappropriate imagery. Users may be requested by the administrators or moderators to change this avatar at any time.

Users may also create a signature that appears at the end of every post. Such signatures should remain at six lines or less of text without imagery, or at most two lines of text with imagery. All images, regardless of text configuration, must fit within a perimeter of 125 pixels high by 600 pixels long.

Discrimination: BreeArts has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to racial, ethnic, gender, religious, disablement, and/or sexually discriminating remarks.

Harassment: We ask that the users of this board treat one another with respect, even when opinions differ. Personal attacks that are intended to cause unwanted attention, embarrassment, or harm will not be tolerated.

Images: BreeArts prohibits the posting of sexual, violent, or otherwise indecent or illicit imagery on its forums, or through it communication features, such as private messaging or e-mail.

Impersonation: Impersonating another person, such as a celebrity, political figure, user, moderator, company, or administrator is prohibited.

Moderators: Should you find posts that seem inappropriate, please feel free to let our moderators know. If you have an issue with the moderators, please use our private messaging system to message the moderator or administrator. Personal issues between moderators and users may not be posted publicly (nor through avatar or signature use) and will be deleted without notice.

Objectionable Content: The use of abusive, vulgar or profane language, even if hidden through the use of symbols or other characters is not tolerated. Intentionally posting workarounds to our language filters are prohibited. Posts may be edited or deleted at any time by the moderation team, and depending on the severity and frequency of said posts, the poster may be censured or banned.

Spam: Posting frequent, annoying, and/or nonsensical posts are not tolerated in these forums. Posting the same message to multiple forums (also known as cross-posting) is also not permitted. The 'Ban Me Game' or any such variations will result in the member being placed into moderated status until such determination can be made whether this form of SPAM will result in the removal of posting privileges

The rules above are open to interpretation by the moderators and administrators of these boards. All decisions made by BreeArts regarding these rules are final.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a private message to any of our moderators or administrators.
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