Using layers

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Using layers

Postby youngneil1 » Tue May 12, 2015 2:07 pm

I have been thinking a little about layers for wm_ maps and how to use them best. The idea here is that these are drawn on top of each other, but all beneath the party. To hide the party behind something it would be best to use props I think (these could have a property drawOnTopOfParty true/false, with false as default). Later on, weather effects would also be drawn on top of party, but as these are likely animated and also likely dynamic on/off they are not suited for wm_ map layers. So, this is more about some kind of typical function of each laver level:

Layer1: Basic ground type (grass, ice, sand, rock, water, etc.)

Layer2: Blend in other ground type to smooth transition between groundtypes (e.g. use 50% transparency copies of all type 1 layers; could try to use a vice versa effect on two neighbouring different terrain fields, i.e. blend sand on grass square and blend grass on the sand square on the opposing sides before the next squares are pure sand and pure grass)

Layer3: Objects near ground (branches, small rocks, small plants, etc.)

Layer4: Relief feature that cuts and clears the ground (road, river, lake shore, partial stone cover)

Layer5: Tall objects that hide stuff beneath them (buidlings, bridges, trees, mountains),note: these will unlikely be on river/road squares, but on squares next to them, so.e.g the road runs through a cleared part of the woods or through a valley surrounded by mountains

Obviously, these are just rules of thumb. So you could e.g. use three different tree types on top of each other in layer 3 to 5 for mixed dense forests that will not reveal any underground any way. Or cover mountains with trees this way.

Furthermore, the wm_ maps will, at least for Grahir, remain rather abstract, as they are supposed to represent a vast space of e.g. 5x5km.
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