Request: MoveToNextHeartBeat.cs

Request a script to be made and one of us fine community members will make it for you.

Request: MoveToNextHeartBeat.cs

Postby youngneil1 » Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:34 am

It would be wonderful if we had a script that could move to the next heartbeat, i.e. let everything move/happen but not the player. Or in other words: The script would simulate the press of a move key, without moving player sprite and without the player having actually pressed a move key. As long as it's active it would also prevent the player from making any input. I imagine using such a script to have something like ingame cutscenes. Ideally the script would have as some parameter a delay time between these heartbeats (so the author could control how fats the world acts around the player while he's frozen).
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