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Load Tile Set Button

Postby youngneil1 » Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:55 pm

Right now, all existing tiles from the tiles folder of the module opened in the toolset are displayed in tile list of the area editor.

In modules with many tiles this list gets very long and hard to navigate. How about allowing authors to have tileset subfolders of tiles? Likes the tiles_used (which is likely the one that shipped moduels will contain only) folder already, but with more options and customly named. Mayhaps naming follows a convention like "Tileset_XXX" with XXX being the freely assigned name of the tileset. So e.g. there could be Tileset_Castle, Tileset_Spacestation and so forth.

There migth be a button right top of the tiles list called "Load Tileset". It would list as load options all folders with name "Tileset_XXX" as well as "All" (which would load all tiles in the tiles fodler itself).

When the button is pressed (and the wanted tileset chosen), all tiles in the tiles list would be deleted the tiles list and all tiles from the Tileset_XXX folder would be placed into the tiles list. The painted map would be unaffected by this, i.e. even tiles not in the tiles list anymore would still remain painted.

A system as such would still allow to use any tile an auhor likes for a map, but at the same time would mayhaps make it easier to structure and sort the available tiles.
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