Can't Create a New Project in IceBlink 2 v21

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Can't Create a New Project in IceBlink 2 v21

Postby Wayward Son » Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:53 am

I downloaded the v21 of IceBlink 2 from the Neverwinter Vaults page and after extracting it, get two error messages saying that it couldn't find weathereffects.json or weathers.json when I try to open the toolset. It said it would make new ones upon saving the module so I thought nothing of it. Then, when I wen to make said new module, it tells me that it is "not yet implemented". Any help with this is appreciated. Also, not sure if this is a bug or user error on my part (most likely the latter, knowing myself).
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Re: Can't Create a New Project in IceBlink 2 v21

Postby slowdive » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:59 am

Same as posted on RPG Codex: I'm guessing that you probably clicked on the "new" button? Yup, that doesn't do anything and we should probably just remove it. When you open the toolset, it always opens the default base module. At that point, you can do a "save as" to create a new module or click the "open" button to open an existing module. If there is an existing module that you think is close to what you want to do, you could always open that module and then do a "save as" to create your own. Also, remember to use the "incremental save" button (the one that looks like a disk with a black plus sign on it) to save often your module as you go. The "incremental save" button is like the "save" button except that it will create a back-up of your module (in the "module_backups" folder) with an incremental number suffix as well as replacing the one in the "modules" folder.
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