Setting up items

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Setting up items

Postby youngneil1 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:56 pm

WIP - collecting info bits right now...

Some important notes on setting up charged items correctly:

1. The Charges property is not used anymore, use Quantity instead to define the number of charges
2. Quantity 1 indicates an item that does not contain any on use charges (spell/script/ibscript), it's the default setting
3. When assiging a spell/script/ib script to one of the on use hooks and setting quantity to higher 1, the item will consume charges on use
4. Please make the Quantity one number higher than the intended number of charges (eg for a five charges item set Quantity to 6, please)
5. Ammunition type itmes will not work correctly as useableitems (please assign no scripts/spells/ibscripts their on use hooks)
6. Plese make sure that useable items are non-stackable (must double check if this is really neccessary, but for starter lets keep to this rule)

01 - Names and Descriptions
02 - Essentials and Perks
03 - Quantity and Price
04 - Utility and Plot
05 - Graphics and Sounds
06 - Requirements and Costs
07 - Handling and Moves
08 - Attack and Damage
09 - Protection and Regeneration
10 - Resistances and Saves
11 - Attributes and Skills
12 - Hooks: Spells
13 - Hooks: Premade Scripts
14 - Hooks: IB Scripts
15 - Not used anymore
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